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Automobile repair shop specializing in Asian vehicles - Toyota, Subaru and Honda. Elk Mountain Automotive is the premiere auto repair shop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Whether you need diagnostics, brakes or new shocks, our highly skilled technicians can get the job done right. At Elk Mountain Automotive, cars are our life. We understand how special a persons car is to them. Whether you have your prized car you show off at all the car shows, or you are chauffeuring the kids from one location to another, you need a car that is in working order and will not let you down. Our team of automotive technicians has the experience and the knowledge to fix any problem your car may have. Even if your car is not acting up, it is always good to have your car looked at. You dont want to be stuck on the side of the road with smoke coming from the hood with three screaming children in the car.