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Welcome to Plan B, Steamboat's first and only Pawnsignment Store where you have the option to Pawn, Sell or Consign your items. **NOW SELLING FIREARMS & AMMO!** Pawn-sign-ment (pawn-sahyn-muhnt): noun 1. The option of choosing to PAWN an item: Joe needed a quick loan, so he borrowed $200 from Plan B using his gold ring as collateral. 2. The option of CONSIGNING an item: Joe wants to sell his antique rifle, so he brought it to Plan B knowing they can sell it for him at a fair price. 3. The option to BUY, SELL or TRADE an item: Joe wanted a new guitar, so he brought his chainsaw to Plan B to see if he could trade. Joe left happy with a great guitar and $20 cash. With so many options and a store full unique items, Plan B is the place to go in Steamboat when you need to buy or sell. From fine furniture and jewelry to tools and taxidermy, we've got what you need at Plan B. We buy gold and silver in any form and will work with you to ensure that you have the best pawn experience in town.